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Springhill Suites & Courtyard by Marriott Hotel

Indianapolis, IN                                                                     



This hotel project is one of three hotel buildings that were concurrently developed by the client on a block in downtown Indianapolis near sports and cultural venues.  All three of the hotel buildings are Marriott branded hotels, with only one as a dual branded hotel building.  The dual branding of the building required a through understanding of the prototype criteria for each brand and extensive coordination with Marriott to develop the look and character of the shared identity.

I managed and directed a 6-person project team the dual branded hotel, which was a $27 million dollar, 15-story 250,000 square foot building.  The hotel building has 442 total rooms with 156 Springhill guestrooms and 286 Courtyard guestrooms.  The building was organized into two wings, with one for each of the two brands.  The exterior detailing, window sizes and design character differed between each wing, to give distinction for each of the two brands.


A half circle motor court with a continuous cantilevered space-frame canopy was designed to greet hotel guests.  Each hotel brand had a separate vestibule entrance.  To maintain the identity of each Marriott brand, separate lobbies registration desks, social lobbies, business centers, food concession and dining areas were provided.  Each brand also had its own elevators.


Shared spaces included the pool, spa, fitness room and back-of-house spaces, such as the laundry, service, housekeeping and other staff areas.


I was responsible for coordination of the project with all consultants, design development of the project to meet brand standards and client directed modifications.  I also coordinated the work of this project to the other two hotel buildings on this block as well as the shared parking structure and meeting conference center.



Senior Project Manager for PFVS.

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