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Beverly Lane Residence


The lot for this house is in the flood plain of Nancy Creek.  The property had a significant slope from the roadway down to the creek.  The proposed design is a three level home, spanning from the entry side to a masonry structure that included the fireplace and a second stairway down to the site.


The lowest level included two single car garages, the master suite and an art studio.  The studio is glass enclosed offering views to Nancy Creek below.  The middle level included the main entrance to the house from a bridge that crossed the motor court below.  From the entry, access to two bedrooms, stairs, the kitchen, dining area and just past the fireplace structure, is the living room.  Access is through two galleries that are along each side of the house.  A deck cantilevers from the living room into the treetops beyond.  On the third level is a playroom/media room for entertainment.


The horizontal super structure of the house is a tubular truss, with the floors framed within the structural frame.  The vertical structure is concrete with masonry detailing.



Nelson Brackin Architect project

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