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Springhill Suites

Atlanta, GA

I designed the conversion of a John Portman designed office building, the Marquis One, for Concord Properties into a Springhill Suites hotel.  The project was located adjacent to the Marriott Marquee hotel in one of the vacant office towers.  The project included converting the lobby levels and ten of the tower floors into the hotel, with a proposal to convert the remaining upper floors of lower half of the tower into residential condominiums.  The upper floors were to remain as leased office floors.


The challenge of the lobby design was to create the hotel lobby as distinct from the lobby of the office use.  The circulation to the office elevators had to be maintained and separated from the circulation of the hotel.  The Springhill brand utilizes circular geometries, which offered distinct design opportunities to achieve this goal.  The circular design character of the Springhill lobby created a fluid counterpoint to the rectangular geometry of the existing lobby space. 


The Springhill Suites prototype room dimensions and configuration was very adaptable to the existing building precast panel façade geometry and building structural frame.  This resulted in 26 guestrooms per floor plus adequate housekeeping space.  The laundry was planed to be on the lowest guestroom floor.

Senior Project Manger for PFVS.

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