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Norcross Holiday Inn

Norcross, GA

Built originally as a Holiday Inn, the hotel had become dated, and was in the process having renovation plans prepared.  As part of the renovation, the existing enclosed pool and greenhouse structure is to be demolished.  I prepared concept designs for a new pool plus an adjacent outdoor experience space. 


The proposed design has two abutting oval spaces with one for the outdoor experience and the second oval for the pool and pool deck.  The outdoor experience, off of a pre-function lower lobby space, is edged by a seating wall with tables and seating groups spaced between a Bosque of trees that edge the center of the oval, which is to have a pervious granular surface.  An outdoor fireplace is the spatial anchor of the oval outdoor experience space.


A sidewalk connects the outdoor experience to the pool deck.  Cabanas and lounge chairs edge the oval pool deck.  The axis of the pool oval is opposite to that of the outdoor experience.  A fence divides the two spaces and surrounds the pool deck.

Architectural Consultant for Monolith Construction.

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