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Restaurant Projects


1. Benchwarmer’s is a sports bar that occupied a lease space in Underground Atlanta.  The project was designed and built to capitalize on the coming Olympic games.  It was directly above another restaurant operated by the client, Ground Hog Tavern.  A connecting stair was designed to work into both restaurant lease spaces. 


The bar was a long U shape, with television monitors mounted within an over bar structure and in numerous other prominent locations through out the bar.  A brick pizza oven was built as a feature opposite of the bar.


Other projects for this client included a roof over an existing side alley patio for Mike n’ Angelo’s.  I also developed designs for a restaurant to be called Charley’s Cha-Cha that was to be located in an adjacent property to the existing Aunt Charley’s in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.  Design proposals for the renovation of the Aunt Charley’s patio was another project, as well as a concept to develop seating for patrons to watch the annual Peachtree Road Race. 


2. Blues Harbor is a relocation of a bar that was in Underground Atlanta.  The new lease space was located near Peachtree Battle Creek in Atlanta, Ga.  This lease space was a two level space, with the main bar, restaurant and stage on the upper level.  The lower level had storage, restrooms, and the kitchen.  A warm up service kitchen was on the upper level, as well.


This project led to other projects for another Underground Atlanta tenant, which was the renovation of the old Blues Harbor lease space as a new restaurant space for Fannie Moon’s.


3. The Atkins Park Dining Room renovation was to add new four new booths into the existing dining room of the restaurant space.  It was a project for the same client as Benchwarmer’s.  The design of the booths had high backs, to provide a sense of privacy between the booths.  The ends of the booth backs had a vertical design feature with an internally illuminated lantern.


4. Ippolito’s Restaurant was a design-build conversion of an existing lease space in a traditional strip shopping center.  Brick wall accents were added to give character to the space, as well as decorative neon, with a “New York” theme.  The owners wanted to evoke the character of an Italian restaurant of the Little Italy neighborhood of New York City.



Nelson Brackin Architect Projects.

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