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Bierbach City Hall, Bierbach, Germany                                                          2013


Centrul de Artă şi Arhitectură din Bastionul Theresia, Timisoara, Romania        2013


Uniunea Arhitectilor din Romania, Craiova, Romania                                       2013


Romanian Conference of Architecture & Design, Bucharest, Romania              2013


Gallerie Sonnenberg, Stuttart Germany                                                          2013


The Ranch House lecture, Decatur Old House Fair, Decatur, GA                     2012


Palazzo del Priori (Amici di Frank Lloyd Wright) Volterra, Italy                         2012


Rostov Institute of Architecture & Art, Rostov-on-don, Russia                         2010


Russian Architecture Institute – State Academy, Moscow, Russia        2010 & 2011


Zodchestvo Festival, Moscow, Russia                                                           2009


Friends of Kebyar Southeast, Annual Exhibition, Auburn, AL,                          2005


Berkeley exhibition                                                                                       1998


“Illuminations – Expanding the Horizons of the Creative spirit in Architecture” 

Exhibition and slide presentation, Oxford Bookstore, Atlanta, GA, September   1993. 


Architecture of Imagination Exhibition, Pensacola, FL                                     1991


Auburn Alumni Show, Auburn, AL                                                                  1988


Thrive, Schindler House, Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA                             1986


William LeBaron Jenny Competition, Chicago, IL                                            1982

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