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Panavision Atlanta


Panavision leased a 9,600 square foot space in a non-descript brick office warehouse building located in West Atlanta in order to lease cameras and equipment to the growing film industry in Georgia.  This project was to develop the interior architecture and space planning to meet the needs Panavision for this lease space. 


As a result of meetings with the client, a program was established outlining the spaces needed to serve the business, studio and support functions necessary for the operation of Panavision. 


The design organized the business spaces together off of the main entry, along a common corridor.  A Panastore was provided off of the reception waiting area, near the conference room and three offices.  The window of the Panastore has a similar aspect ratio (2.35:1) of the Panavision lenses.  Other windows are provided into each of the offices and a full height aluminum and glass storefront is provided for visibility into the conference room.


The preparation studio is a larger space with rigging trusses to mount the cameras to facilitate the preparation of the leased equipment for each production company.  A private preparation studio is located in an adjacent space.


Other support offices are nearby, as well as a shop, storage, camera service and the shipping and receiving area. Three aluminum and glass overhead doors provide natural light into the shipping and receiving.  Windows from the shipping and receiving area into the employee break room allows some natural light to reach this space.


The wall surfaces within the business portion of the space consists of carpeted floors, 2x2 lay-in ceilings, corrugated metal siding, painted gypsum board, stained solid core wood doors and a slate textured vinyl floor tile used as a vertical wall covering.  The studio and support spaces all are painted gypsum board walls with sealed concrete floors.  Some of the ceilings are the open to the structure above, with the metal deck and steel beams painted black.  The shop and some of the other areas have 2x2 lay-in ceilings.



Nelson Brackin Architect Project.

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